Snorkeling on Fuerteventura - Rays in Costa Calma

Snorkeling on Fuerteventura symbol picture
Snorkeling on Fuerteventura symbol picture

I was snorkelling today, 27 August, at about 10am on the beach at Costa Calma below the Hotel Taro Beach, where there are larger stones in the sea. It was high tide, the wind was offshore, so there were no waves and therefore the water was clear, no swirled up sand.
Ideal conditions to float in the sea and rediscover beautiful fish with silver front half and a yellow spot at the end. The gorgeous bright green underwater plants moved easily. Other schools of fish cruised up, glistening silver.
Until suddenly something large flat grey with single spots moved along the bottom, an undulating movement sideways by the wide fins. A very long tail wagged behind it.
A ray! About 40 to 50 cm almost square. The eyes quite wide apart. It swam slowly on the bottom wagging loosely. I followed cautiously, then swam directly above him for a while, which obviously didn't bother him. I was fascinated!
But then he shot forward in a flash and disappeared...
Then I managed to spot another flounder. A snorkeling trip like I've never experienced before!

Experienced and written by Regina

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Another tip from the editors:

Fuerteventura's underwater world really offers a great variety of species. Those who don't want to get wet can, with a bit of luck, also observe rays in the harbour basin of Morro Jable. There are among many other fish also regularly a few stately specimens on the road.

Rays in the harbour basin of Morro Jable

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  1. A few additions:
    I snorkel with a snorkel with pivot system, i.e. even with waves no water penetrates from above, because this system then closes automatically. Very practical!
    I wear a T-shirt, which closes up to the neck, because when snorkeling you forget the time that you float in the water and there is quickly the danger of sunburn with normal swimsuits.
    I listen to music with an Aqua Mp3 player, I like it, I always need music.
    Any tips on a usable underwater phone for colorful photos would be greatly appreciated as I now know it would be worth it.

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